I’ve tried—since I was a teenager and became aware of this in myself—to reject the idea that I need to feel competitive with other women specifically. There’s nothing wrong with feeling competitive with people in general, but when we start to see other women as the enemy, that leads to nowhere good. When people ask me if I feel like the space for women’s websites is crowded, I wonder if anyone would say that about sports websites geared toward men. Are there too many sports websites? The question comes from the idea that there’s a finite amount of space for women to occupy, and I don’t believe that there is.

Anna Holmes, Book of Jezebel: A conversation with Jezebel founding editor Anna Holmes

Anna will join seven other ladybloggers tonight in non-competitive solidarity! Free, 7PM.

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Count Basie All Star Band: The Seven Lively Arts

The opening credits and fist number from the celebrated CBS television program The Seven Lively Arts. Thankfully available on various VHS tapes and DVDs (and now YouTube) this well-known episode was titled The Sound of Jazz, with Count Basie leading an all-star band and ushering us into Open All Night. Aired December 8, 1957: television at its finest.

-Scott Wenzel

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